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Social Media Coaching

Learn how to effectively use Social Media with coaching sessions to develop your skills and communicate directly with your target audience.

What's included?

Whether you are a business owner working independently to promote your company or perhaps you already have elements of marketing in place, our social media coaching is designed to give you the insights, knowledge and understanding you need to deliver effective social media activity.


We work closely with you to understand your business and develop a strategy to begin interacting and communicating with your audience through social media platforms. By identifying your key business goals our coaching will be tailored to give you the support and confidence to send the right message to the right people.


With ongoing coaching whether individually or as a team setting we can continue to develop and refine your Social Media skills in creating posts, attracting followers, interacting with your customers, promoting your products and staying competitive.

Why not give us a call on 01844 239130 or email


Understanding your business and your social media goals


Review your website content and develop a social media strategy   


Tailored face to face social media coaching individually or as a group


Build your knowledge, skills and confidence in communicating with your audience


Monthly activity review and reporting on results to refine skills

Would you like to improve the visibility of your business and increase sales?

I can help with questions or thoughts such as...

  • I want to grow my business but don't know how

  • I need to promote my product/service to more people

  • I think Social Media will help my business but I don't know how

  • I know I need marketing help but I don't need it full time

  • I don't have enough time to promote my business

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